Installing SmuFL fonts on iPad?

Does anyone know if it is possible to install other SMuFL fonts on the iPad? If so, what is the process?

I have been super happy with the iPad app, but if there’s a way to get Finale Jazz in the iPad app, I would be able to do everything I need to without going to the desktop!

While it is possible to install third-party fonts on the iPad, unfortunately, Dorico is unable to access them. This is a limitation of the Qt framework that Dorico uses to create the app across iOS, macOS and Windows.


Since a number of SmuFL fonts is available on the iPad now I’m wondering if the previous message is still up to date.
The music font I’m primarily using on the Mac is November 2 and it would be great if I could use it on the iPad too. (November 2 is a SmuFL font)

Dorico on the iPad can access system-installed fonts, and the fonts that are bundled within Dorico itself – namely, FinaleMaestro, Sebastian, Nepomuk, Academico, etc, etc.

It still can’t access third-party fonts installed using ‘profiles’.

Thanks for the update. I hope using third party fonts will become easier eventually.

Yes. I just bought beautiful jazz templates from Notation Express and the files I created don’t transfer to iPad because the fonts don’t carry over.

Daniel, might this be addressed?

There’s been no change as yet to how we’re able to handle additional fonts on iPad, because the Qt framework that Dorico depends upon doesn’t support the latest APIs for fonts on iOS. It’s not clear whether or when they will support these APIs, and unfortunately that makes it very difficult for us to support additional fonts.

In the specific case of the Notation Express templates, one option would be for us to install all of the fonts used by those templates in Dorico for iPad’s own distribution. We’re considering this.