Installing Steinberg Apps on Mac

Been offline a few days after posting query regards installing Steinberg Apps on a Mac.

I then found my original post locked presumably by a moderator who possibly thought the discussion was getting a little heated and decided to calm it.

I would like to thank members Dr V, Svenne and Weasel for their responses all of which were helpful to me.

I would comment that as an experienced PC/Windows user whose now learning the iMac there are always many ways to achieve what you want. We all work I slightly different ways and adopts what works for us and in my case what works with my flawed memory regardless of whether its the most efficient in IT terms.

I never get too hung up on the strengths and weaknesses of operating systems and programs just trying to focus on setting my boxes up in a way which I can live with.

So thanks to all especially as we all give our time freely here to help each other out and in this day and age that is to be applauded.