Installing SX/SE3 on W11

Hello all, I need to install SX/SE 3 to open old projects. In use: 12pro, dongle with SX3 license is in machine. Installation says: You need an additional free space on volume c of 1518701968 kb . Please delete unused …etc; free space is: 2,58 TB! Then the installation continues, in thr installation window I can reed: file not installed, and a couple of files go through, finally, with font file “stein___.ttf”, installation crashes, even when executed as admin. what to do??

The problem is that the SX3 installer is so old that it will no longer work properly on modern Windows.

If you could install SX3 on an older version of Windows, you could just copy the “Cubase SX3” folder across. I have done this on Windows 10 and it works well enough to open and re-save old projects.

Hi Mr Soundman,
on an old harddrive I found old installations of Cubase; SX3 I could not open, it crashed while activating asio. But SX2 I could open and convert my files…
Thank you for the hint!

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Just a heads up… in case this helps the next person that tries this.

I successfully used the installer in ‘Windows XP compatability mode’ under windows 11 and it installed fine. Download the SX3 installer, unzip it into another folder, then right click the setup.exe file and choose properties. In the compatability page of the properties window, choose ‘run this program in compatability mode for:’… I chose Windows XP (service pack 2).
The setup program tried to install the old elicenser but failed, saying an elicenser was already installed. The next stage of setup installed Cubase SX3, which is great.

As far as I can see the program itself does not seem to run in compatability mode, but runs well. I can now import some old songs… not completely lossless… but at least I can re-assemble the bits and peices and get it close.

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