installing SX3 will it kill my Cubase 5 instalation

I am trying to get together my old files which were .all files. I know I can import them into SX3 but what I really want to know is can I install SX3 on my Win7 PC without destroying my Cubase 5 instalation or LLC as I know SX3 installs this which will be hugely out of date. I don’t want my dongle getting confused or corrupt.

Any experience doing this? Cheers


There should be no problem at all, it’s just like running C4 and C5 on the same machine… the only problem i have is that SX3 will not install on win7 64Bit… not sure about 32Bit though… i had SX3, C4 and C4 all happily installed on the same machine before i moved up to win 7.

It’s a minor irritation but you might find that Windows associates the Cubase .cpr files with the most recently installed program. That is, when you double click on any .cpr file it will launch SX even if it’s a later file. (Happened to me on XP)


Thanks for the replies.
Trouble is I only have win7 64bit setup. I may have to try and install on my laptop and convert the files on there first.