Installing SX3

I’ve been asked to edit an old “*.ALL” file I recorded in SX3. I downloaded the CD install version but I’m getting an error message “There are other activated processes which disturb the installation process. Please restart your computer” etc. I’ve tried installing in Safe mode, Googled it, turned off AV, run as administrator and installation from my original SX3 disk. I’m guessing the latest Elicenser version has something to do with it but I can’t find a running process that I can identify as elicenser related.

I know I’ve been through this loop before (succesfully) but that was before Windows 7 64-bit o/s (I should have mentioned that before!), perhaps another suspect?

Any help gratefully received! Thanks.

Try removing the dongle and restarting the computer. Try hiding the higher version’s Prefs.

Hi mashedmitten, I tried restarting without the dongle. Can you explain, or how do I achieve “Try hiding the higher version’s Prefs”. Thanks for your response.

Solved - uninstalled e-licenser, installed previous version. What a kerfuffle as they say in Birmingham!