installing The Grand 3 NOT on the C drive

Hi. My C drive is SSD and not very large. I don’t install programs on it. I bought the grand 3 because I read that you can install it on other drives than C. But I can’t see how to do it for the main program. (The samples etc can go on my D drive no problem.) But I simply don’t have room for the main programme on C. Can anybody advise please? I’ve spent a lot of money on this and I can’t see how I can use it!

Whoa, this mail is over 2 years old, no answers, and I have this same problem now. Just bought Grand 3 and I was totally SHOCKED that installation process didnt even ask which folder the soundbanks should be installed. You just think its ok to install over 30GB of sound samples just like that into system drive? What is wrong with you? Steinberg support, if you think you as professionals, I think this issue should be taken care of.

sad that this great sounding instrument is no longer being updated, despite the recent re-marketing on download.

You can move the soundbacks once you’ve installed by creating shortcuts to the new location and dropping the shortcuts where the originals were, bit clunky I know, but unfortunately you’re stuck with the system drive on initial install.

See “moving content files” at the bottom of:-

That link only refers to Vista and XP good grief! I just purchased Grand 3 Feb 2015 - we are on Win 7 and 8.1 and a new windows 10 is due to be released. Plus I cannot download it as parts of the files are missing on the download page - bit concerning that it is being marketed now.

Okay - it took a phone call to Germany and they reinstated my download. All sorted now excellent.
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