Installing The Grand on Mac with windows files content?

I know it sounds weird but here I am: A window user currently in another country than home where I have access to a Mac computer only and the internet connection is terrible and downloading the 30g can take a week, so will never work…
However I have a copy of the windows content installation (.rar files) on my external drive.

I was able to download and install the application of the Grand for Mac. Is there any way I could use the windows file for the content (sounds)? I can borrow a windows computer to uncompress the rar files and probably install it. Would I be then able to copy the folders containing the .wav files back to my Mac using the Steinberg library manager?
I know it sounds like looking for a headache but it would be so frustrating to have the 30gig on my HDD of the content and not being able to use The Grand because of the impossible internet connection. I carry it on my hdd for that reason, just did not know I would end up with a MAC.
(I have my Elicenser with me obviously and my Nuendo is working fine, I had both the Mac and windows installation files for it)
Thanks a lot for any inputs