Installing VST insturments & Effects to a new computer


I want to know if there is a guide or rules which can guide me in
installing a new computer system for music production? (I’m Using Cubase 5)

I have a lot of plugins - most of them are Kontakt based but the others are from different engines and some are really quite old.

I wish to know:


  1. How to install them?

I have one 120GB SSD (Drive C) and two 3 TB HDD’S (regular).
Should I put the Kontakt Engine \ other Engines in the SSD and it’s library in the other HDD? or in some other way?
Some libraries put its stuff in C without the option to change it,
Where should I create the VST plugin directory? Is there a need to
create 2 VST folders - one in the SSD and one in the other HDD?

2) In which folder structure should I install them?

I want to be able to access them from Cubase in a quick way -
In Cubase if I want to choose a VSTI I get an ugly long list of the plugins names; is there a way to order this list to categories? like: bass , Strings
etc. (Does this list effected by the folder structure on the drive?)

3) Backup - Till now I backup my computer using Norton Ghost.

I saw a lot of people using “Paragon Partition Manager 12 Professional” for backup which software to choose?
BTW, in Ghost I create complete HD image and burn copy them to my external
drive - is this good? (I saw there are more features in the software and I think I’m not using it properly - meaning there is more to the software than just mirror your HD).

What about maintenance like Defrag and so? when to do? which software to use?

4) Which OS to install? WIN 8 64B OR WIN 7 64B?

I saw at some reviews that the I/O speed of WIN 8 is better then 7 - any suggestions?

Thank you very much (sorry for my English).