Installing Wavelab Pro 10 over Wavelab 6

I have Wavelab 6 on my Windows 10 64 bit PC.

I am thinking of upgrading to Wavelab Pro 10.

Q.1 Using the upgrade path (and 25th anniversary deal!), do I purchase a full version of Wavelab Pro 10?

Q.2 Do I need to uninstall Wavelab 6 before installation of Wavelab Pro 10?

Q.3 After installation, will all my Wavelab 6 projects be intact and available to me in Wavelab Pro 10?

Q.4 This is my PC System…

Dell Precision T5500
Windows 10 Professional, 64 bit
Intel Xeon X5650 @ 2.67GHz and 2.66GHz (2 processors)
DirectX 11
Sound Card - M-Audio Delta 1010LT
Graphics Card - NVIDIA Quadro 4000

Q.5 Is there anything else I might need to know?

Thanks in advance,


  1. yes
  2. no, both version can co-exist
  3. yes. But once a montage is opened in WaveLab 10 and you save it, you can’t reopen it in WaveLab 6.
  4. config ok

Thank you, Philippe. That’s great!


Hi again Philippe,

I purchased Wavelab Pro 10 to upgrade my Wavelab Pro 6. When I was installing, I used the Steinberg Download Assistant. It gave me the option of downloading Wavelab Pro 10 Full or Wavelab Pro 10 Update. I downloaded both, not being sure which to install. I was about to instead the ‘Full’ version, as in question 1) in a post above this, but decided to install the ‘Update’, since they both look to be the same size, and also because my confirmation email invoice calls my purchase ‘Windows Pro 10 Update’.

The installation went perfectly, eLicenser accepting the code, etc. And during installation the dialogue said this program was an update for Wavelab 6, 6.1, 8, etc.

Q.1 So, I guess that’s all okay? I did the right thing not installing the ‘Full’ version?

Q.2 In the Steinberg Download Assistant, along with Wavelab Pro 10, there’s a download for ‘DDP Player 1.0.50 Full’. Does that come with Wavelab Pro 10, ie I can install and use it free of charge?


Yes to all

Thanks again Philippe!