Installments payment method?

I’m new here, and sorry if this is not the right place to ask this, but I’m wondering if I can pay a product in instalments? Such as pay in 12 months with a certain amount each month (with/without interest) and when I finish paying the rest I can finally own the product? if not, will this be an alternative payment option in the near future?


That depends on the distribution… some resellers do similar things.
Steinberg online shop doesn’t offer these kinds of payment.

I don’t think that kind of way exists with Steinberg products.

However, the idea of being able to rent a product like Cubase on a monthly basis with the option to buy would be very attractive to a good number of consumers who do not necessarily have the large sum of money that the purchase of the latter represents. Also, the tenancy does not have to be continuous, it could be 6 months in one year and six months in another year, and after two years the landlord owns the license.

Maybe Steinberg should think about this kind of alternative…

Yeah that’s not the kind of thing Steinberg would offer. But some music stores do. Here in the US the Sweetwater online store has their own house credit card and almost anything you put on that card can be paid off over a period of time (which varies between different promotions) at 0% interest. So check local retailers.

For example here’s the payment options for a new copy of Pro.

They have mentioned that this is something they want to explore in the future.

Thanks, but just to be clear, I don’t want to pay for subscription (like Pro Tools), that’s a clear NO for me, I just want to pay monthly and eventually own Cubase after finish paying the rest amount.

Ooh interesting, I’ll check it out, thanks for the info!

Fair enough, thanks for the info!

I think you’ll get a lot of agreement on that around here

Arturia offers you this option in their payment portal. You can split payment up into a maximum of four installments which is very handy if it’s a bigger purchase.

Simple, use a credit card :slight_smile:


I know right! I’m getting sick with pro tools subscription model, that’s why I’m switching to Cubase and Nuendo

Interesting! But correct me if I’m wrong, as far as I know, Arturia only offer this option with their products, right? how can I use their payment option with steinberg products?

I did think of using credit card, but my limit transaction is very low right now (I’m a graduate student), I just think it would make my life easier if steinberg offer this payment so I don’t need to put too much strain on credit card

Steinberg doesn’t offer an option like this. Arturia’s example is a model of how it can be done though.

Why switch to Cubase and Nuendo? Nuendo is a superset of Cubase Pro apart from the omission of VST Transit and a block on loading Cubase files from all editions other than Cubase Pro. I think they are the only omissions in Nuendo; if not, maybe someone will correct me.

If you have Nuendo, you might not need Cubase Pro. If you have a Pro Tools licence, you can do a competitive crossgrade to Nuendo. If you are a student check what is available to you under Steinberg’s educational licensing as it might be cheaper than a retail competitive crossgrade.

Oh yeah, I’m aware of Nuendo is a big bro of Cubase, what I meant is I want to switch to either Cubase or Nuendo environment, whichever will work for me, yeah I’m aware of all the discounts you mentioned too

Klarna is a good option for uk customers