Installs but can’t find it.

Win 7 64-bit
eLicenser dongle attached
Cubase Essentials 4 already installed.
Attempting to install Cubase 10 Elements Trial

Installer runs successfully; I see it go through the eLicensing steps, installs the bundled components (e.g. Halcione). But when it completes, I cannot find the software. No Cubase 10 in start menu, no desktop icon. Cannot find a Cubase 10 directory in Program Files. Have done a search of C: for anything with ‘Elements’ in the name. Nothing.

Anyone else with this issue is or knows how to resolve?

Hi and welcome,

Have you installed from the Full Installer?

Does your system meet the specification? Do you have the very latest Windows 7 update installed? Do you have the Microsoft Redistributable installed?