Instruction page with music

How do I do an instruction page including i.e. one bar with music - explaining how to play the techniques? Also showing the percussion setup on the different systems of a percussion part?

Probably a custom Page Template applied to the page in question.

Here is a Discover Dorico video with John Barron talking about this - although I don’t think he actually uses a music frame in his instruction page -

And a shorter video by Ant Hughes on making an index page ( with music frames, back in version 2 but the principles are the same) -

For just one bar it’s probably simplest to use a graphic slice.

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In this videos of Mr. Hartmann (beginning on 52:10) you can find an example of how to use a separate flow (where you write just the bar with special technique for your instruction) to insert an example in a music frame near a text frame to obtain what you want. It is in German but you can activate English subtitles :wink: You can make this in an empty instruction page with text frames and music frames (and also save it as template as suggested by other).
I am sure also John Barron or Anthony Hughes made videos of it but cannot find in the moment…

Another idea: You might be able to accomplish one bar with nothing but a font.
Ambitus comes to mind.

Thanks, Ambitus will unfortunately not work because I need quartertone and eight-tone accidentals

Great video thank. I will try to work my way trough it.