Instrument abbreviations not showing

Yes, I went into Layout Options / Staves and Systems and made sure ‘Staff labels on first system’ was set to ‘Full’ and ‘Staff labels on subsequent systems’ was set to ‘Abbreviated’ and clicked ‘Apply’ and closed. But after doing that, the abbreviations did not show up. I closed out of Dorico (completely), re-opened, thinking maybe they would show up because something wasn’t quite right about the ‘apply’ feature. They still didn’t show up. So rinse and repeat. Went back in and did the same thing as above again, and finally the abbreviations showed up. Is this a known bug in Dorico or something? This shouldn’t be happening.

I’ve never heard of that happening. Can you share the file?

Are you sure you choose the good layout in the options? You might have applied the change to one layout and be looking at another one


I may have just simply not clicked the apply button or something. Anyway, it’s working now.