Instrument and Flow/Title on top of each page

How do I set up my score so that when the parts are produced I have both the instrument name and the score title/flow title on the top of each part? I’m either having a bad day or I never managed it before - I just cant remember or find clues…

What you describe is the default. Post a newly setup Project, so we can see what is wrong.

So Im importing a Music Mxl file from Sibelius .

On some of the parts I get the title piece and some I’m getting the player. and on some both!
Chocolate 01 Granny’s great Chocolate Flood EDITING.dorico (2.9 MB)

Are you talking about the top of the first page or the top of subsequent pages? It seems as though you’ve meddled with the Default Master Page (good) in order that both the layout name and the title appears at the top of each Default page (the second, third, fourth etc. pages of each layout). It also seems as though you’ve fiddled with each individual first page (bad) in order to override the (already custom) flow heading.

I’d suggest removing all the page overrides from the right panel of Engrave mode - this will get every individual page following the master pages and default flow heading - then fix the flow heading in the flow heading editor in order that it displays the way you want.

P.S. Such a shame about John Ashton-Thomas. I never studied with him but he left quite a mark at Trinity.

Use File > Project Info fields to set up or correct the information you want to appear on the various Master Pages when assigned to layouts.

(Which you appear to have done.)

For me it all looks as expected - are there specific part layouts that aren’t looking right to you?

On a side note, it looks like you’ve done some editing of the master pages but don’t forget that editing the flow heading template is available too - you don’t have to override that on every page. Make use of tokens, you can combine multiple tokens into a single text frame for instance. Here’s your project back with a couple of tweaks to the Default flow heading and Default master page in the part layouts.

Chocolate 01 Granny’s great Chocolate Flood EDITING_LH.dorico (2.9 MB)

If you want the same text to appear in everyone’s parts, but just once in the score, you can use system-attached text.

Thank you - I’ll try this… Yes, John was the first person I spoke to when we were students at Trinity 40 years ago. He was a great friend for all those years and a very special person.

Thank you so much - that’s all sorted… I’ll get my team to stop fudge fixing and source the correct solution!