Instrument browser issues, etc

Hi Lars,

  1. Microsonic instruments are not sorted making it hard to locate presets. These should be sorted alphabetically from user’s perspective.

  2. In v2.8.3, Micrologue Factory Presets should not include Arp instruments as there is a separate bank for those. These arp presets are cluttering normal presets making it hard to browse and should be excluded.

  3. I’m having hard time locating the White Noise preset in Micrologue which is used in one of my projects but cannot find it in v2 or v3. The preset seems to have been removed in your updates but still works in the song. What happened to this preset?

  4. When we open the Micrologue synth for a track, the synth displays but the list/browse still displays Microsonic instruments (from the previous track when Microsonic was opened) and the left/right arrows do not work because of invalid instrument list.

  5. When we open the synth (Microsonic/Micrologue) on a track, the list should auto-scroll and highlight the current instrument for the track.

  6. Please offer Search features in the Media bay sections.

  7. Also, offer Favorites and Star Rating features.

Without these, the media bay is hard to use and a lot of time is being wasted in trying to locate instruments/files with no way to search, favorite, rate, etc - even in v3.


Setting Micrologue pitch bend range to -48 and +24 goes back to 24 and 24 on tapping Play or Record in v3.

Drawing pitch bend in piano roll and playing back produces a different bend range for each playback for Micrologue.

How do we simulate a vibrato using pitch bend automation for Micrologue?

In the Automation editor of Micrologue, fold the Arp and Step parameters under Arp and Step nodes and collapse them as these params are cluttering the list for each track.

Another issue in the Mixer is it does not scroll on opening the mixer or tapping on a track in the arranger if the track in the mixer is outside the view area - like it does in v2. Swiping on the mixer to scroll to a track not visible in the view area selects the track under the finger unnecessarily and it is hard to scroll to the track that is selected/tapped in the arranger.

PS: This forum site is very slow at times.




If we open Studio EQ for a track and tap on another track, StudiobEQ does not refresh for the new track but still shows it for the previous track. We have to close the EQ and reopen it for the new track to see the EQ for the new track.

This same behavior is manifest in other effects as well.

Also, the Amount slider in the inspector on the left for each effect does not sync with the Mix value in the effect (eg: Roomworks SE does not sync its Mix value on sliding Amount slider in the inspector)

Also, in Edit drum pads mode, please offer an alternate sort order to sort by instrument/kit name along with sort by note name (default) in the pop up. It is hard to wade through the list by note name as the instruments are scattered all over the place in the popup.