Instrument browser new/old

Hello again

Im trying to understand the load preset functionality in cubase 13 pro.

In previous incarnations I remember seeing the browser where instrument presets were broken down by type and filtered in one view. I can still see this if I go top right arrow and load preset.

The new live filtering browser seems confusing to me, is there anyway to revert to the old filtering browser for presets?

any help appreciated
many thanks Matt


Could you please attach the screenshots of the old one (you would expect) and the new one (you get at this moment)?

this is the old browser (to me)

this is the new one ( would prefer to see the old one)

Hi, doesn’t the old browser show up if you click on the top text field for presets? (The default one for VSTs, not any field inside the VST).
It does here:


Click the Configure Attribute Menus, please. Then you can add the attributes you can see and use them as filters.

Hi martin, yes the old browser appears if i click here.

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ive realised I can hide the RHS menu as i have found that confused me

is ‘configure attributes’ a way of customizing the media bay, or browser?


It’s a way of customizing MediaBay.

After click here…

Only the instruments from the Accordion category will appear in the list.