Instrument change appearance

Is there a way of “fine tuning” the appearance of instrument changes? Specifically, I’m having this issue…

I need to hide/delete the cautionary clef and key signature for both, the percussive fragment and the melodic part. Also, I don’t know why the staves begin before even the percussive part has ended. I’ve been trying to find something in Engraving options, in the properties panel, in Setup… but have come short. Is there something I’m missing?

No, unfortunately at the moment you have no control over the way this looks. The staves will start earlier than they should because it thinks it needs to show a preamble there, i.e. a clef and key signature.

Is there a workaround to achieve this?

Not that I can think of, no. You could overlay an opaque white graphic over the overlapping staff using a graphics frame in Engrave mode, perhaps?

Thanks so much Daniel. The graphic solution works fine.
By the way, a million congratulations on the 3.1 update. As always, awesome improvements.