instrument change bug in condensing

Notice how the B, Cl. is all squeezed together in m. 211? (see “squeeze” graphic) If I add one note in m. 210, it’s fine. (see “unsqueeze” graphic) I think it’s because this is right after an instrument change: B. cl. was playing cl. 2 in the previous music. This problem does not occur in the uncondensed layout.

P.S. There are no note handles in engrave mode horizontal adjustments for those bass clarinet notes either.

We’re aware of some problems like this, indeed, you’ve already reported this problem yourself with regard to the vibraphone part in your symphony. There’s no need to report the same problems more than once: we get the message the first time! We don’t yet know what the problem is here, but clearly there’s a bug of some kind and we will fix it as soon as we are able.

Thanks Daniel. Sorry for bothering you, I just wasn’t sure it had been seen.

It’s no bother, but you can trust that we are diligent about looking into every problem that’s reported. That said, I’d also much rather see a problem reported more than once rather than risk somebody not report it because they don’t want to annoy me, so sorry for giving you the impression that I was annoyed. I wasn’t – just harried by a heavy workload!