instrument change hiding doubling instruments

sorry, when I enter ‘instrument change’ in the search function I get 1000 results because of the word ‘instrument’.
so a topic which might have been there already.

when I’m writing for orchestra and I have about 10 percussion instruments (for like 3 players) and I work in galley view, I would prefer not to always see all of my 10 percussion instruments. let’s say i have a flute doubling piccolo, a piano doubling celesta and and and, I have so many staves which I don’t need the whole time.
isn’t there a way not to see always all of the ‘doubling’ instruments? That would lead to much less zoom in, zoom out activity.
Like in Sibelius, you have 1 stave, you type in the instrument change, you get it on the same stave (like in Dorico), but it stays 1 stave and not a single stave for every instrument change…

and we all know that ‘hiding empty staves’ is not really an option, because of the way ‘hiding empty staves’ works in Dorico.

do i do sth wrong here or do i miss some preferences which i could change?

thanx a lot

At the moment there’s no way of doing what you’re asking.

that’s a pity. thanx anyway

There will probably never be a way of doing what you’re asking, because of the way instrument changes work in Dorico, i.e. that the instrument is always there but Dorico decides on its own when to switch between them. Galley view will always, by design, show you everything that’s going on. However, we certainly know that if you have many, many instruments, galley view can become unwieldy, and in the future we will no doubt find some ways of allowing you to focus on a smaller number of instruments at once. For the time being, you might consider setting up what people sometimes call “focus layouts” that contain a subset of instruments you’re interested in, and switching to those using the layout selector.

I’ve noticed this problem as well. Sometimes with 5 WW players each holding between 4 and 6 instruments each you can’t even see the entire WW section on the screen at one time in Galley View.
Daniel, if I may be so bold as to offer a possible solution for down the road… perhaps something akin to what DAWs have like a “Tracks Folder” in Logic. Maybe just a simple icon to the left of each player in galley view that toggles staves to collapse into the one “master” staff as it appears in the page layout view. Something like this would certainly help manage and keep track of instrument changes too. That’s probably a big coding project but… something to think about.

Thanx Daniel. Good advice and for the rest we just trust in you guys that there will be a better solution sooner or later. I know that you work day and night.