Instrument change label not appearing

In my percussion part, most instrument change labels have two pieces of text — for example, “To Tub. Bells” and “Tub Bells.” However, my snare drum change near the end of the piece has the “To Sn. Dr.” text, but not text saying “Sn. Dr.” If I shift over the snare drum notes by an eighth note, the latter text appears. Is there any way to make it always appear?

Toccata.dorico (3.0 MB)

Can you attach your project?

It should now be attached to the original post.

In your attached file it’s correct.
Maybe you where hiding the “Sn. Dr.” accitentally? If so, as soon as you move it one eight, the text reappears, because it’s handled like a new entry of the instrument.
If you have hidden it, it’s marked with a text signpost,

It is indeed now; how strange. It definitely was repeatedly disappearing and reappearing when I nudged the notes previously. Perhaps quitting and reopening Dorico did the trick.

It’s also possible to delete this instrument change completely. I don’t know why, all other changes are not deletable.

This is by design, if the distance is below the threshold (some number of beats, 4 quarters
?? ( don’t remember)) only the to bit appears…

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If it’s by design, then I’d prefer it to be configurable because in this spot there’s more than enough room for both text elements to appear.