Instrument change labels request

When working with e.g. orchestral percussion parts when the instrument changes overlaps, no instrument change label appears. As seen in the attached example the Suspended Cymbal starts in bar 57 but the label shows up first in bar 58. I understand why this happens and I can of course manually move the label in the part in Engrave mode, but it’d be great if the automated labelling would work even when there are overlapping instrument changes.


Perhaps in this situation it would be simpler to use a kit.
Not sure how a single player could simultaneously handle the tambourine pattern with one hand and the cymbal roll with the other.
Not surprised that Dorico’s programming is confused.

You won’t get instrument change labels above the staff when the ranges overlap and all staves are shown, I’m afraid, and this is not something we’re likely to change.

Oki, I’m sorry to hear about that Daniel, then I’ll have to deal with it manually.

Derek, this is not much of an issue for a pop percussionist. Tambourine in one hand and either do the swish with the other hand or two soft mallets. I know it’s not ideal and maybe this was a bad example, but this was just for the principle.