Instrument change labels with cue

A quirk that I have not seen mentioned elsewhere.
If rest bars before an instrument change contain a cue, the part labels change as if the cue were actually played by the new instrument ( the score is unaffected).
The text labels need Custom text and Staff text editing.
I cannot get rid of the extra clef change symbol, or even fake it with scale or colour.

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I suggest you switch to galley view and then add the cue in the original instrument rather than the one you’re changing to.

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Thank you, that is a near-complete solution. The label is correctly placed at the change and the extra clef symbol has gone.
The warning label does not appear (I guess Dorico thinks the original instrument is playing the cue so is still active). It is of course easy enough to add this as text.

I guess this is another side of the same quirk, however no clefs involved:

Ideally, I suppose “To A. Sax” should be placed just after bar 8, and “A. Sax” where the A. Sax starts playing. Putting the cue in the A. Sax renders this:

The new instrument label should not have the permission to coincide with the cue label.

Yes exactly so. In my case the instruments were an octave apart, so the clef change symbol appeared.
This behaviour is a semantic error, so I am sure the team will want to resolve it.

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In which instrument staff of the Cl/Sax pair did you add the Cue? Would adding the Cue to the Sax staff make a difference?


You can force individual cues to hide/show clefs, change their octave, and hide/show the octave change indication in the cue label - select the cue and look at the available properties in the Properties panel (bottom of the window).