Instrument change - not changing

Hello there,

I’m having an issue, on an existing instrument (solo player) I added a new instrument and in Page view mode, it is not changing from one instrument to the other, it is just showing both instruments in the whole score.
Here 2 pictures attached.
Please note:
-both instruments in the player are “Samplers”, I just renamed one as “Perc” (because I loaded some percussion sounds into it)
-on a different player I used a Bass Clarinet and a Clarinet, it is changing in that one no problem, as it should.
-On Setup - Layouts - Players, I have the instrument changes ON for the layout used for that player.

Am I missing something important? please help!
thank you!
S sampler2.png
S sampler1.png

Have you at any point added an extra staff to either of the instruments held by the player? That would prevent instrument changes from working, even if you subsequently remove the extra staff again. If that’s not it, please zip up and attach the project here so we can take a look.

Thanks Daniel for your answer.
Yes indeed, I added an extra staff for a couple bars when I needed it. So I guess it’s just an impediment at the moment.

If there is a work around please let me know.
Very best

If you need that extra staff, then I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do to make instrument changes work, unfortunately.

I see, that problem is not there if it’s just an ossia staff added.
Therefore I changed all my additional staves to ossias and changed the size of the ossia staves to get what I visually wanted. Now I can change instruments no problem… Except, if later on I need a smaller Ossia staff, then it will be problematic.

As an extension of that question then, is there a quick way to switch the instruments in the Page View? It automatically assumes the instrument change if there is one for example 10 pages later. So every time I want to keep writing within those 10 pages I have to go back to Gallery View to write in the desired instrument. (maybe this belongs to another topic?)

Thanks again for your answers.

There isn’t at present a quick way to switch instruments in page view at the moment, but we are planning to add the means to do this by effectively toggling the caret to another instrument, so that when you enter another note or item, it will go into the new instrument and thus cause the instrument change to appear.