Instrument change per flow

Hello, I have 2 flows of music with a classical guitar but I would like to change the instrument in the first flow to a piano and keep the guitar in the second flow. Is this possible and if so how do I do this? I hope this makes sense. Thank you for any help anyone can give.

Add a piano. Then in Setup mode, assign each instrument to only the flows in which you want it to appear.

I added a piano but it shows guitar and piano for the single player in setup mode. How can I assign the piano to one flow and the guitar to the other flow? Apologies if I am missing something simple. Thank you.

In setup mode, either select the instrument and check only the boxes of the flows it should appear in, or select the flow and only check the instruments which should appear in this flow.

If your piano and guitar instruments are held by the same player, you just need to cut and paste the music from the guitar to the piano, in galley view, for the first flow.

I got it finally. Thanks very much for your help guys and stay safe and healthy!