Instrument change problem

I tried to unvestigate this problem, but I could find a solution.
When there is an instrument change the text label (for instance “takes Piccolo”) is hiding the rests needed to fill the last bar.
If the bar is full, this won’t happen.
Please find in attachment a project; see for example bar 54 or 247 or 304.
I’d be very grateful for any help.
Thank you very much in advance. (664 KB)

I’ve looked at your project and it looks OK to me, Stefano. At bar 54 there is a dotted quarter, and a dotted quarter rest; the bar is full. At bar 247 there is a quarter note and a quarter rest; the bar is full. At bar 304 there is a full figure ending with a 16th rest; the bar is full.

The issue you will sometimes encounter is that if you have an instrument change that has to take effect within the span of a single bar, because the instrument change will then occur immediately after the last note in the first instrument, you need to have appropriate explicit rests in the second instrument so that when Dorico starts displaying the other staff, appropriate rests will appear.

Thank you so much! Your support is fantastic! And so quick indeed. I did’nt even stop working.
I put the explicit rests and everything is ok.
Let me say that an automatic behavior would be a blessing. But that’s okay too. (We customers are insatiable…)
All the best