Instrument Change Text

I’m re typesetting some old music in our bands library. I know how to create a single player with two instruments (clarinet and alto sax for this example) and I simple put notes in using the galley view. BUT, when I switch back to Page view I get 2 sets of text announcing the instrument change. It’s redundant and it frequently gets in the way of other text on the page. Is there a way to turn one of those text cues off? See below.

There’s no way to completely suppress one of those warnings by default. It’s customary to show both a warning to pick up the new instrument at the final note in the old instrument, and a reminder at the entry of the new instrument, too.

If you really want to hide one or other of the instrument change labels, you can do so in Engrave mode by selecting them and entering a space for their text (using the Properties panel) but as a signpost isn’t shown for hidden instrument change labels, it can be a bit tricky to select them again after doing this.