Instrument changes : how to hide the lead

I have score and I want to let sing all the brass and saxophone players on measure 8 to 12. Is it possible to do this with a instrument change to lead for all parts where I can hide the ’ second lead staff’ in the score? Now every instrument that has a second instrument is shows this second staff in the score.

I will playback the lead!

Dear Cees,
I’m sorry but I’m not sure I understand your question…
Do you mean that the players are going to sing — hence the instrument change ? And am I right to presume you do not want all the brass players singing staves appear in the full score ?
I guess you will have to trick Dorico here, until the “reduce” function is implemented. Create all the parts as you want them to appear and then create a “custom full score” with copies of the brass and sax players, but with only one of those having singing instrument added (called Everyone sings :wink: ) That should do it — I hope you understand the philosophy of it

Hmm… I was searching for a solution to create 4 measures in the brass and saxplayers where they have to sing a part (I like to move it move it). When I notate this in the parts then when I playback the score you here the instruments. I thought it was simply possible to add a lead singer as second instrument for each players so that when I playback the score I hear the ‘lead’ instead of the instrument. In the score (where I’m working on) appears below every player that sing a new staff called ‘lead’. I won’t see that staves (hughe score !!) . Maybe it is possible to mute the measures in the brass and saxophone instead of making a instrument change.

The same problem is when I have a handclap part to all brass players.

You can mute any item from the property panel. Personally, I think I’d prefer using a cue for this.

I think what you’re saying is that for each player in the score you’re seeing both an instrument stave and a singer stave. If so, have you adjusted the Hide Empty Staves options in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing?

This will fix Page View (which is what actually prints) but NOT Galley View (and I understand how frustrating this can be!).

I go for the CUES! This works great. The only question is why there is a treble clef on the end of the cue? I can set this off in the property panel, but the it appears?

You only see those additional staves when you are in Galley View. When you switch to Page View (or to Engrave Mode), Dorico pulls all players’ instruments together into one staff.

Yes I know, but I’m working in galley view.