Instrument Changes reflected in staff order

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I was wondering if there was a smart solution to Instrument Changes that could require reordering of staves in a Layout.

Imagine I have three Flute Players in my orchestra, the third of which also plays the Piccolo. When the player changes from Flute to the Piccolo, I’d like the Piccolo-Staff to be shown ABOVE the Flute #1 in the next Frame of the Full Score Layout.

Similar Situations could arise for Clarinets, Trumpets etc.

Is this possible?

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Treat the Picc as a separate player and then combine the Picc and Flute 2 in the Flute 2 Player’s layout. It doesn’t take much to use Hide Empty Staves in the Flute 2/Picc Layout and arrange the frames to show but one staff per system.

With the new, more flexible Hide Staff option in Dorico Pro 3.5, you can make the Conductor’s score look as you wish as well.

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Dorico doesn’t provide a means to change the order of staves when e.g. a flute player switches to piccolo. It’s something we have talked about in the past and may support in the future, though it’s quite complicated to achieve from a technical point of view.

I see. Thank You!

I think it would make sense, though. It’s quite common, if not standard, to have the piccolo part written in the top most staff in a score, even though it may not be played by the 1st flute (which is common, if not standard).

The only issue would be that you’d need to add the instrument change text manually but indeed, this is a very viable solution.

That being said, it’s equally common to have the score order of the players stay the same, regardless of instrument. The advantage of this of course is that the conductor always knows in which direction to glare for a given staff in the score. This approach, with some exceptions, is also what Behind Bars recommends.