Instrument changes weird behavior

Hi there,
I’m in a piece where flute also plays piccolo (both instrument assigned to one player).

There’s a flow where I had to add an extra staff to the flute part and now, both the flute and piccolo staves shows in full in this flow’s page view, instead of the appropriate “to picc” or “to fl” indications. And they still appear, even after I deleted the extra staff.

In the other flows, the changes work as expected.

Anybody encountered that behavior and knows how to fix it?


Could you submit a pic?

Hi Pepinello,

First pic shows a flow with expected behavior, second one shows a flow where both flute and piccolo staves are apparent. Same project.
As I mentioned, I did add and delete and extra staff for the flute in the second flow. Staff manual visibility shows only one staff for both instrument since they’re dispatched to the same player.
Any idea what’s wrong?

If you insert an extra staff, then you’ll no longer get instrument changes. If you need an extra staff in one flow and not in the remainder, I’d suggest having a duplicate player, one with the extra staff assigned to one flow, and the other assigned to the remaining flows, and both players assigned to the part layout.

Hi Daniel,
Ok it works on this case but would you know a work around when it occurs in the same flow? Adding an extra staff and keeping instrument change?

There’s not a good way to do this within the same flow at the moment. You might have to then assign the two instruments to separate players and contrive to make sure that the change between the two instruments occurs at a system break, then use Manual Staff Visibility to hide the unwanted instrument elsewhere.

Apart from the fact that it might result in very weird spacings in the chef’s score, it wouldn’t work for the individual parts… I hope you’ll have time to look at this for next release.

Dear Queb, nothing prevents you from assigning an individual part to two players. Then, using system breaks wisely and hiding staves as Daniel suggests should perfectly work…

Allo Marc,
Yes that might work as a workaround. It does get messy and really complicated when you want to secure good page turns, but until it’s fixed, it is useful.