Instrument cutting out in Kontakt.

I have my Kontakt instance with two MIDI tracks routing into it. Two violins are loaded in Kontakt on channels 1 and 2. MIDI tracks routed to Kontakt and to their respective violins.

Different notes on each track, when I playback the first time everything is normal, both MIDI tracks are triggering and I’m getting output from each violin. When I decide to listen again, suddenly the 2nd MIDI track has no output. I can see the MIDI channel flickering on the 2nd Violin in Kontakt, and the number of voices hopping around, but no levels. I go into the key editor, move notes around, nothing.

If I delete the 2nd Violin, and re-load it… I’ll get audio once again, only for another single pass, then again, no output. Thanks.

Kontakt 5.3 64-bit / Cubase Elements 7

IS there any chance this is a Kontakt 5.3 bug. I’ve just recently updated and am getting somewhat similar things happening…

Yeah I guess that is possible… I just wish software would work! lol.

Is it a keyswitch problem?

I don’t know how relevant this is but I just had a similar problem bat with only one track - a vibe sample as it happens.
I went to the inspector on the left > top instrument window > above the GUI button on the right of the Kontakt 8 Out there is a symbol for the outputs >click on that and you will get the Kontakt outputs and I clicked on all and I was getting vibes again.
I suppose it is worth a try?

This is a well documented Kontakt bug PKB 1390 been around for a while. It’s so annoying, especially noticeable in action strings, fed up of badgering NI about it. If you use Kontakt, email NI and ask them when it will be fixed!