Instrument designation

The instrument designation in the layout of the score is as I would like it. With the designation Trumpet Eb.
Bild 26.11.22 um 10.40
Bild 26.11.22 um 10.38

But in the single voice comes e.g.: Clarinet (E Flat). I have tried all possible settings and find how to make this setting correctly.
Thanks for the support*

You can edit the name of the layout in the Layouts panel in Setup mode. You can use the token {@flat@} in the name of the layout to produce a proper flat accidental.

There are descriptions of the different names linked to instruments/players and where they’re used on this page:

If your first screenshot was to the left of staves in the score, that’s a staff label – it uses the instrument’s name.

The second screenshot is from the top left of part layouts – that uses the layout name.