Instrument drop outs with Halion Symphonic Orchstra

I originally purchased 6.5 as my starting point with Cubase.

I loaded the HSO instruments as a trial and then purchased the licence.

When I upgraded to 7 and 7.5 all hell let loose with drop outs which has been mentioned thought out this forum at various points (no trolling here please).

Anyway I did some testing with Magix Yellow Tools Independence as I held a licence with them. This loaded into Cubase no problem. When I used these instruments no drop outs at all.

Same piece of music using HSO drop outs galore.

Anyway I got the Halion Sonic 2 full package when it was on special offer.

When I change my orchestral instruments from HSO to HS 2 instruments I have not drop outs same as the Magix VST.

If I add the HSO instruments back in dropouts everywhere.

Now the strange thing is that when you export to lets say MP3 or raw state, you scan hear the instruments plan as day.

Which begs me to ask the question is there an issue with HSO in versions 7 onwards.

I note that you need to be careful of which disc to use eg Cubase 5 is a no no but 6 onwards will work.

I never had Cubase 5 to start with.

Now I am re downloading the ISO as I write this topic.

I know that HS2 has it included as standard, but it doesn’t work with Cubase 7.5 still.

Plus I have upgraded to 1.01 of the software.

The reason for not using the Magix product to its full capacity is it cant hold onto notes for more than 5 seconds which HSO can when it wants to work.

But has anyone else experienced the same with HSO basically being pants in version 7 onwards :question:

What 55 views and no one has the same issue??

Did you upgrade to 7.5.3? If you did I’d downgrade to 7.5.2. 7.5.3 does a real number on CPU overload for no good reason I can find.