Instrument Editor in Dorico 5 Elements?

Hi, I finally purchased Dorico Elements for my Christmas gift :slight_smile: Thank you for the 25% discount! And I already have a request :wink:

Can we please have the Instrument Editor in Element, please? I found a YouTube video featuring IE and was really excited about it because I wanted to define Piano with 61 keyboard range. However, it looks like Element has no Instrument Editor.

It would be really fantastic if Element has the Instrument Editor.


Obviously, Elements can’t have everything that Pro does – and Pro’s additional features have to be significant and worth the price.

You want to restrict the range of the piano?

Yes, I use Dorico as a hobbyist, and I have a cheap 61-key keyboard at home. I want to create music sheets for it, most likely by arranging existing short-and-easy pieces, rather than creatring music from scratch by myself. I hope this is a reasonable request from hobbyists.

By the way, I have never used Instrument Editor. I just saw it in a short YouTube Video (“Instrument editor | Dorico 5”) at Dorico channel which I think never clarified that IE is only available for Pro. So, it can be totally possible that my request to limit the range of an instrument is far smaller than what Instrument Editor is capable of.

I’m not sure why this would be necessary. Why not just restrict the range of your arrangements to 5 octaves?

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Ah, sounds like there is a different solution. Thank you for the hint. I’ll see how to restrict the range. (I am a complete beginner to Dorico.)

If you select all the notes of one staff (use “Select to End of Flow”), all the used notes will be highlighted in the keyboard.

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That is very useful to know. Thank you!