Instrument Filters and Multiple Staff input

Hi! Using Dorico 5.1 on a mac.

I’m creating an instrument filter for four horns that are not right next to each other on the full score. Next, with the filter activated, I’d like to input to multiple staves at once. However, as you try to select more staves within the filter, Dorico seems to be selecting the hidden staves as well, making entering a 4 note chord, where the notes get distributed to the 4 horns I’ve selected, impossible.

I realize that I could go back to the Setup screen and temporarily move some players around to put the staves that I want to work on adjacent to each other. However, many of my players double on other instruments and those second instrument staves travel with the player as I move them.

Am I doing this wrong? Thanks for any help you can give.

Yes, I think so:

  1. Select first staff
  2. Activate note input (Shift+N)
  3. Shift+down to select any staves below
  4. That’s it

Does this work?

That works in most cases, and I love using it.

However, try doing it in an instrument filter where the instruments selected aren’t adjacent on the full score. It doesn’t work, and I wish it would.

Just tried it and it works for me.

Fl 2
Cl 1
Cl 2

I filtered Picc, Fl 2 and Cl 2.

You are definitely activating Note Input before selecting additional staves? (Edit: I don’t think it matters, actually)

Perhaps you could screen capture your process?

Are the staves of the four instruments you chose non-adjacent in the full score?

Also, and most importantly, I’m entering a four note chord, which should get exploded out on the 4 staves I choose, but it’s not happening that way. (I’ve edited the original post to reflect this.) The bottom note is getting doubled, and one of the inner voices is not appearing. (If I just enter one note then, yes, that note goes to all the staves in the filter.)

I know WHY this is happening: because Dorico forces you to also select the “hidden” staves (as noted by the dotted line) as you keep hitting shift+down. My hidden staves happen to doubling instruments belonging to players I’m trying to write for. This is quite frustrating, because I should be able to just enter the 4 note chords into the 4 horns, one note per horn, but the doubling instrument staff gets in the way.

Also, a screen capture won’t show that the notes I’m entering are not the notes that are ending up in the intended staves. I apologize if I’m being unclear and not describing my issue very well. Thanks for your help!

If you have another look at my list a couple of posts ago: I had the 1st, 3rd and 5th Instrument filtered (with the first Player doubling on Flute). Is this scenario you are describing?

Would you be able to attach your project? Or a cutdown template etc?

I think so. If you enter a 3 note chord using multiple staff input, let’s say a C-Major chord, you’d hope to get this:

Picc G
Cl2 C

but I think you’ll get this:

Picc G
Fl2 C
Cl2 C

because the E gets eaten up by the Flute staff of the picc/fl player, and Dorico just gives the bottom note to the rest of the instruments selected for input.

This is roughly what’s happening to me.

Thanks so much for your offer, and all your responses. Folks on this forum are so generous.

I just don’t think it will help, since I understand why this is happening. I’m just hoping for a workaround, or some way that you use filters, players with multiple instruments and polyphonic multiple staff input all together that I don’t know about.

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Sorry - yes, you’re totally correct. Apologies for the time-wasting!

This did not waste my time. Thank you! So you were not able to input the three note chord correctly?

You’re welcome!

No, it did not work correctly for me.

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I feel like I have a legitimate issue here. I want to create a filter of instruments, and then use the multiple staff input feature to enter chords to be correctly allocated to each instrument, as the feature was intended. I hope this is something that can be addressed.

Thanks to everyone at Dorico and this awesome community for helping me out!

I suppose a workaround would be to create separate layouts with the instruments and put in the music there.


Thanks @derKirchenmusiker. However, this doesn’t solve the problem if the staves you are trying to avoid are additional instruments that players are doubling on. Those staves will travel to the new layouts.

Other ways of asking my question:

Why, when you hide staves using an instrument filter, does Dorico not consider the visible staves as “adjacent” for purposes of multiple staff note entry?

I guess for now the solution must be: Get the 4 Horns showing in page view, and enter the notes there. You may have to add a temporary system break.

Thinking in wish-mode: It would make the most sense to me if Dorico would input on only one instrument held by each player, in any case. When staves are hidden in galley view, the visible one, of course. But even when all staves are showing, I would expect logically to enter notes on only the first instrument held by each player.

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Not what you want to hear, but because they are in fact not adjacent.
Perhaps in the future Dorico can craft a work-around.

If one makes a layout with only those instruments that need to receive the exploded notes, then the notes only explode to the existing staves in that layout.

Not as effective if Players hold multiple instruments.


but a layout is made up of players, not instruments. All the instruments contained in a player go to the layout, no?