Instrument labels positioning

I’m having trouble to get a uniform display of instrument labels. I would like to create a (divided) 1st. violin part (named: Violin I), consisting of 2 staves, and the same for a 2nd. violin part (named: Violin II. In the way as the Viola and Cello parts in both examples below, with the instrument names places between the staves.

However, when I name the first two staves ‘Violin I’ (via SetUp - Edit names) and the next two staves ‘Violin II’, I get this result:

In this case, Setup-Players looks like this:

If I name all violin staves ‘Violin’, I get this result:

How can I have the instrument label ‘Violin I’ appear between the first two staves (numbered 1 and 2) and the instrument label ‘Violin II’ between the third and fourth stave (also numbered 1 and 2), just like the Viola and Cello part?

Any help appreciated!

What about setting this up as 5 section players, which you then divide?

@Lillie_Harris : Thanks for your reply. When I add 4 Violin parts as ‘Section Players’ instead of ‘Single Players’, I get the same result as above, only now all Roman numbers I and II:

No need to add four section players. Add two section players for Violin I and Violin II, and use the Divisi feature I linked an introduction to to split those two section players onto more staves.

When I wrote

I meant, a section player per string section: Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Violoncello, Contrabass. The way Dorico does automatically in orchestral project templates.

@Lillie_Harris : Thanks, works!

@Lillie_Harris : I cheered a bit too soon, there is one more thing: The section player-divisi action worked, but now I see numbers 1 and 2 above all section staves and can’t see a way to either remove these numbers or make them invisible:

Is there a way to do that? Thanks!