Instrument list

Please let open this window much larger


AND… i’m not able to move the search window to another monitor either… all the rest moves well

coming soon.

What you mean “search window”?

The same window where all plugins/instruments shows up… i cannot move it to other monitor screen it stays always on monitor 1 even when I move the layer window to other screen

I cannot catch it with prntscreen… so photo from phone. Left monitor is 1 center monitor is 2 right monitor is 3. I’ve got VST in monitor 2 but once I try to change the instrument the search window pops up in monitor 1… and I cannot move it to monitor 2. Hope this shows it well

… ah, I see. Sorry. Fixed with the next update. No need to move the Popup-View. In your case it will be then displayed on monitor 2. Next to the “Instrument” control - as it should be.

Thank you,

… it has been added to the next update,