Instrument name before the stave

Hello there…
1). So, I was trying to add an inst. name before the 1st stave (opening stave) ( solo piano piece ) in full score mode but I cant find the way how.
I have in setup under players - the “piano” tag, I can see the inst. name when in not in full score…

2). Also - how can I tell Dorico to place the page numbers at the bottom of the page but not at the top???
Thanking you in advance for your advice.

To help with your first issue, in Dorico we call the instrument names in the margin “staff labels”:

To help with your second, you’ll need to edit the page template (assuming you have Dorico Pro):

  1. Staves ^Systems Staff Labels having selected Full score
  2. Move the page in the template

Sorry Daniel for the contemporary post…

Thanks for your reply Using the engrave mode- no problems.