Instrument name changes are not transmitted

I have to use a violin for e.g. snare-playback because my plug-in only accepts keyswitches for changing the playing-techniques.
So I use a violin and call it ‘Playback Snare’:

It’s a pity that the name change doesn’t affect my expression map assignment in playback mode. There it’s still called violin which is a bit confusing cause I had to do it with several percussion instruments and they are all called ‘violin’.

It would be cool if sooner or later the instrument-name-changes would also be executed in the expression map assignment window.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your post, but if it’s just for playback why not just use a normal Treble clef?

The second file you show is for telling Dorico which instruments are on which channel, so why would they change? In any case you should change it to use default since most percussion instruments will use Velocity for dynamics…

I think you misunderstand me - but thanx anyway :wink:

Because I changed the name of the instrument.

No, you don’t have to. You can also use velocity for dynamics in ‘none-default-expression-maps’ very easily.
BTW when using default expression maps, you loose a lot of extra possible playing techniques, provided in the plug-ins which are not assigned in the default expression map.