Instrument name in French... !

To Dorico team,

When using «instrument name» in French,
it looks that in «strings section» the «viola» have been translated to «viole».

I think that «viola» would be «Alto or Alti»

Under the «strings list» both «alto or Alti» are missing.
See what we get creating a Strings section :'écran%202016-11-16%2023.40.18.png?dl=0

Hope to help !

Sure that you’ll have a look on that.

Thanks for your tremendous work…

I had a related problem recently when I was setting a French work and used the word Alto for the viola part. Dorico cleverly put the dynamics above the staff because it assumed I was inputting dynamics for a singer. Fortunately, you can point Dorico in the right direction.

Daniel replied to me in a thread I created about Bass singers (named Grave (!) in french Dorico instead of Basse) that those feedbacks were useful, as they would help to improve significantly the translations in next version.

Thanks Alain, I’ve passed your feedback on our localisation team and will let you know once I hear back.

I can understand that it would be an important thing for a localisation team to work on, but I would hope that any user would be able to do such things, not just French users (for French idioms) or Italian or German or Spanish or English (for the appropriate idioms) so that we could all use Dorico for projects that involve terms foreign to whatever localisation we have installed. Or am I misunderstanding the term “localisation team” – I am thinking that is the group of people working to make sure that a French user can install a French version which will have French usage as the default. If I have misunderstood the concept, I apologize.

You can use instrument names from any of the languages we support while keeping the UI in the language of your choice by changing the “Instrument Names” option in the “Language” section in the Engraving options dialog.

Excellent – Thank you!

On the subject of instrument names and language. I can see how to change the language of instrument names if I start a project from new, but if I start from a template nothing happens when I go to the appropriate Engraving options dialogue. Just experimenting with string quartet and no doubt missing something obvious.

Ian Schofield


The switch in Engraving Options only affects instruments that you add subsequently, rather than existing instruments in the project.

So how do I get instrument names in French from a template please?

Ian Schofield

You can’t at present, I’m afraid. You might as well start with a blank project, go to Engraving Options and set the desired language, then add your players and instruments.

Thank you Daniel. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Thank you also for your explanation in another thread “Working with Orchestra Scores”, relating to stopping the individual parts for scores containing all other parts - very helpful.

Ian Schofield