Instrument names (Dorico running in German)

Hi Dorico Users,

when using Dorico in German (and the setting “Standard language for instrument names” set to German as well) Dorico is still displaying a lot of instrument names in English (and I am not talking about rare instruments but instruments like “Flute”…). Am I missing anything here or is the whole instrument library a bit of a complicated issue? Not that this is a major problem but it kind of sucks to have to change the instrument name every time…

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I see that often too. Very easy cure : press J, when the jump bar appears, it’s already loaded with the command I want : “Reset instrument names” so I just have to enter and it’s done. In case it’s not loaded with that command, you know which one you must write in there :wink:

…tried it.
Reset the names indeed. To English… :slightly_frowning_face:

But thanks anyways!!

…but you pointed me in the right direction!
I found the cause: even though I had “Deutsch” selected as standard for Instrument names in the “Dorico” Menu, in the “Notensatzoptionen” (which is “Engraving options” if I am not mistaken) there still was “English” set for Instrument names. I changed it and now it works just fine.
Would be awesome if changing the default instrument language to German in the Dorico program options would set everything that follows from it…(especially the note-indications for transposing instruments. So weird to read “Klarinette in Bb” as our German “b” is already the English "Bb":sweat_smile:)

All good now,
thanks for you help,


Sorry, I thought you had changed the setting in Engraving options. AFAIK the Preferences deal with the GUI language, not the instruments names language.

…there is actually a section specifically for “instrument names” in the preferences menu. But now I know I have to turn ALL possible language-switches!



In Preferences, you change what settings you want brand new projects going forwards to start with.

In other dialogs, you change what’s currently set for this project you’re working in.

Changing Preferences won’t update what’s already been established in the existing project.


Hi Lillie and thanks for your input!

…it is a brand new project and never in my life have I used English Instrument names :wink:
Maybe some settings got messed up when I did the last update to 5.1.3.

It seems to me the instrument library (especially regarding names/languages) is not yet where it could be (and certainly will be at some point). But who knows…maybe I am getting something wrong again. :slight_smile:

I, for one, am pleased to not have the instrument name language linked to the program language - I’ve occasionally had to prepare parts for a German publisher despite speaking exceptionally limited German.


Hi @Mi_Bra once you change your presence for the instruments language (for new projects!) in Dorico (1), you have to close and restart Dorico so that this takes effect (please someone corrects me if I am wrong).
For example I choose German for the instrument language preference (even using Dorico in English).

Then I created a new project using a Classical Orchester template from Dorico.
In the instrument picker (when you add an instrument to a player in Setup mode) (2), the names will stay in English (because I use Dorico in English), but once you add the instrument, it will be translated in German. (3)

And you can use the Engraving options/Language to change the language for existing projects, or if you need to change the language for some reason (this option settings will be used when you do Reset Instruments names from the Setup menu) or also set German (or the language that you choose in preferences) there to be sure. There you can also define specific sub-options for the naming conventions.

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Thanks a lot for your great tips and ideas! Everything´s working fine now…