Instrument Names in a Score

I have been going through my score to keep instrument names consistent throughout using set up. Almost all players in the piece have been assigned a hand clap as a second instrument at one point or another. On the first page all instruments are named. There are no hand claps to start. As the music progresses the name before each staff changes to hand clap 1, hand clap 2, hand clap 3, etc. I would like to keep the name of the primary instrument given to the player at the beginning of each staff in the score so that the conductor will know what each player is doing in order to avoid confusion. Secondly, individual parts show the instrument name plus hand clap 1, 2, 3, etc. I have managed to edit the number out, but I would like to edit out the hand clap instrument, too. So far, working through set up mode, I have not been able to achieve this.


Perhaps using a separate voice with altered noteheads, rather than a separate instrument line for the hand claps, would be more efficient.


Thanks. I’ll play around with that.

Tell these staves to use the player name rather than whichever instrument is being played in that system, and rename the players just to show their primary instrument.

For more information about the circumstances in which Dorico automatically numbers instruments, see here (essentially the easiest way to prevent instrument numbering is to put players in separate player groups)


Wow! This will be a time saver. Thank you.

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I’ve come across the very same challenge and if I follow the steps, it shows the player name for systems with full names, but for systems with abbreviated names (i. e. on pages other than the first one) it still shows each instrument name for some reason. Am I missing something?

Have you renamed the player following this process, which allows you to rename both the full and short player names?

Or, are you making use of the option that shows the player name on the first system only?

I got back to this issue just now and whatever I did last time, I must have missed the “rename player” short name field or whatever. Perhaps because I stared at this for too long. Sometimes it helps to step away from something and look at it with fresh eyes after some time has passed. :slight_smile: