Instrument names in other languages

I have Dorico in English but for a project I would like to display the instrument names in French.
I have a Clarinet in Bb and a string quartet.
I was happy to see that changing “Violin” to “Violon” for the two violins, Dorico did the numbering automatically (Violon 1 and Violon 2) but I have problems with the Clarinet in Bb which should be Clarinette en sib.
By the way, I think it would be great if there were an option to switch “language” for the instrument names at least for the most used languages in music scores which in my experience are Italian, French, English and German, and Russian too.
I know English is widespread but for a feeling of authenticity it would be nice to have Vivaldi in Italian and Ravel in French.

Instrument names can already be switched. Read Changing the language for instrument names including the “Note” at the bottom:

Translations for instrument transpositions are planned but haven’t yet been implemented; you still need to switch them off and add manually in the Edit Names dialog.

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I would add to Leo’s post that you can add the flat sign in the Edit instrument name using the unicode code 266D. If you don’t know how to input unicode and cannot find the answer googling it, please ask.

Oh, and if you change the instrument name language and then need to reset a load of existing instrument names to default, there’s a hidden function that doesn’t appear on any menus. Go to Preferences > Key Commands and search for Reset Instrument Names. Then assign a shortcut to it - it’ll do all of them in one go.