Instrument names / staff labels: What happened to "B{@flat@}"?

If I wanted “Trumpet (Bb)” instead of “Trumpet (B flat)” I used to write “(B{@flat@})” in the instrument name in Setup Mode. Then I got the music font “b” nicely where it needed to be on staff labels and on top left of parts.
In Dorico 4.0 this doesn’t seem to work, and I have looked around to see if this is is meant to be solved in another way - but can’t find it. It seems that Engraving Options > Language > Staff Labels probably should be the place, but no luck there so far.
In Norway we tend to accept english names on instruments, but the “(B flat)”-way of expressing the transposition is very uncommon. Are we alone wanting “Trumpet in Bb / Trumpet (Bb)” rather than “Trumpet in B flat / Trumpet (B flat)” ?

I just double checked. It works the same way as in 3.5. US English localization.

It’s rather annoying isn’t it?

Strange… does not work as in 3.5 for me… Is there a setting somewhere that influences on this behaviour? Something to do with “US English” ?

Depending on where you want the name to appear, different names are used – as described here.

Dorico 4 also introduced new staff labelling options for instrument transpositions.

Ups! It works! It just didn’t show in Setup Mode like it used to do. Sorry :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Correction: It works except for when I want to show player name instead of instrument names. Then, in the part it works, but not in the score.

Have you set up your player names to what you want to show in staff labels when using player names in staff labels?

Thank you for the answer - yes, to my knowledge; In this example the player name is set like this: full name = “Stemme 1 i B{@flat@}” short name = “1. i B{@flat@}”.