Instrument names update

Hi there,
A few months ago, I realized that I can actually have the instruments in French. I don’t know if that was implemented in 3.5 or if I just never figured it out before. My problem is that all the instruments for which I had changed the default name before making the switch to French keep showing up in English in the menu. Setting them back to the default configuration won’t change anything.
Any solution?

You might need to excise them manually from the userlibrary.xml file in your user application data folder. Depending on what other things you’ve saved as default (e.g. tonality systems, playing techniques, paragraph/character styles, etc.) you might find it safest to move userlibrary.xml out of the way and start again rather than trying to edit it by hand. Or you could attach it here (zip it up first) and I can take a look at removing the instrument names from it, if you’re not comfortable hand-hacking XML files.

Ok I’ll let you know if there’s a problem.

Hi Daniel,
Deleted posts. I’ve figured it out.

Hi Daniel,
One quick question : where is the file with the Ensembles data?

I wouldn’t recommend trying to edit these yourself. They are included in the scorelibrary.xml file within the main Dorico distribution, and editing that file is not recommended.

Thanks Daniel.
Is there something special about this file, meaning with different implications than those coming with hacking the instrument and instrument family files?

No, it’s no more or less critical than those files, but it contains everything else that isn’t split into one of the other specific XML files, so the consequences of messing it up are much more severe, in that none of the library items that Dorico relies upon to create your project would be available.

Hi Daniel,
Just adding a few ensembles to save a lot of time. Not touching anything else. Promise!

I do hope the team is working on easing up the customization possibilities in Dorico. It’s not really fun and so time consuming having to hack your way in all the time.
I’m quite a shitty computer guy, but looking at the files, I don’t see why it seems so complicated to create an interface for adding new instruments and ensembles. But I imagine it’s probably way more complicated then I think it is, since I really am a shitty computer guy!
Anyway, for now one, I did hack the json, the instrument, the instrument families, the French instrument names, the user library and the score library files. Dorico runs smoothly and I’m so late on two commissions. :slight_smile:

I find it inconvenient that the only way to remove saved default instrument names is to edit userlibrary.xml file manually. As a feature request, for example, it would be nice if there was a star button in Edit Instrument Names dialog to make it easier to remove saved default instrument names.