Instrument not showing in Mixer

I am experiencing a strange problem. One of my instruments (Flute) is not playing. When I checked in the mixer, I noticed that this instrument is not listed, and it is also not showing in the Halion player. I have tried deleting and re-adding the Flute with no avail and also tried under the Play menu “Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments”. I also notice that I have 2 instances of Double Bass in the HSO Player (even though I only have one Double Bass player). Does anyone have advice for me?

UPDATE: After quitting Dorico and restarting - Dorico crashes, then when I try a 2nd time, it opens and I notice my Double Bass is not duplicated anymore (interesting), but now no instruments are playing. Here’s a picture showing what HSO player looks like at this stage:

You don’t need to (and indeed should probably not) use the Symphonic Orchestra player: let Dorico load and use the HALion Sonic SE 2 player on its own, and don’t interfere with it too much. Try doing Play > Apply Default Playback Template: you will lose your (currently non-working) manual playback assignments, but I expect everything will start playing back again.