Instrument order in mixer

I am using Dorico to arrange for big band., It would be very helpful if the instruments in the mixer were in the same order as in the setup list. Since the setup items are players, not instruments, it would be fine for them to be in player/instrument order. Actually any order, z.B. alphabetical, would be OK, but as it is, I do not discern an order and the instruments names do not fit in the available space, so it’s cumbersome.

IIRC one can define a sort order for Players in Dorico Pro 5.1. Does this not carry over to the Mixer?

This allows one to set the order within a family, which is not the issue.
The mixer order is:
Trumpet 1,
Upright bass,
Drum set,
Alto 1,
Tenor 1,
Trombone 1,
Alto 2,
Tenor 2,
The order in Setup is:

Reapplying your Playback Template will usually fix a scrambled mixer order.

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The order of channels in the Mixer is determined by the order of outputs to which instruments are assigned in the plug-ins you’re using. As Todd says, reapplying the playback template typically sorts this out because it assigns instruments to outputs sequentially.