Instrument presets in the media bay procedure request.

Unfortunately when reviewing presets from Instruments in the Media Bay Cubase does not remember the instrument when selecting a new patch from the same instrument. Cubase will unload the instrument and then reload it in the background again before your newly selected patch is active.

What would be better is if once you’ve initiated the instrument in the background ,with your first selection, Cubase remembers and acknowledges if you are selecting a new patch from the same instrument and does not unload , then reload the instrument again. This all takes time.

I’m not referring to 3rd party instruments either. It happens with built in Steinberg instruments.

How do I come to this conclusion you may ask? It is because when you are reviewing presets from Halion Sonic 3 in the right hand zone Media Bay you can sometimes hear the startup preset Hexagon being reloaded again for a very brief moment before your new selection is active.

good idea=)

Anything to improve an already great product. I hope the dev team will have a look to see about improving the delay in reviewing instrument presets in the right hand media bay. :slight_smile: It would be very helpful and make the media bay even better.

(thumbs up smiley)

I use the F5 browser…

(need all the screen real estate i can get because i am on a laptop monitor - the right and bottom docks are always in “off” state, so I have a better work area…)

That being said: I hope that your good idea also makes it to the “original” mediabay :wink:

have a nice day=)

Great point and idea!

Put it in the Feature Request forum though, not here.

I have ages ago and they have done nothing about it. :confused:
It’s a drag having to be the squeaky wheel just to get fundamental ideas realized. :wink: