Instrument request: bodhran

I’d like to request a bodhran be added to unpitched percussion.

It’s a Celtic frame drum. It’s actually common enough that I was surprised it wasn’t on the list.

Thanks for the consideration.

I could be wrong here, but it may have to do with the fact that, as with some other folk percussion instruments, there is a certain amount of infighting about how it should be notated. I tend to use a taiko drum line, notate simple lines and let the drummer “freak freely” with the cipín up-strokes and down-strokes. Since the techniques are complex and the drum can produce pitch-bends, there has been a fair amount of discussion on how to notate for it, or on whether it should be notated at all since most of the better players don’t actually read music. Debate on the issue has at times been acrimonious if I remember correctly. But I haven’t had to deal with bodhrán in a while, so maybe things have settled down!