Instrument request

Hi, first of all, I think your mobile app “Music Studio” is one of the best music related apps ever. I really love the simplicity. It is without a doubt a very amazing product. So thanks a lot!

I just wanted to ask if more instruments are planned in the future?

To be specific, the Chinese instrument “Guzheng”. I know there are similar sounding instruments already implemented, but the unique sound of Guzheng would just be awesome.

(just on a side note, I tried to create some synth wave styled songs, yet it seems some drum-sounds that are very typical in those synth songs I could not recreate with any of the current drum kits. They all sound different somehow. Perhaps I have to add effects to modify the sound of the drum-kit instrument?)

I’m looking forward to hear from you! Hope you guys continue developing and improving this awesome app.

Best wishes