instrument spreading by chord notes possible ?

for example programing this scenario:
loading trombone,trumpet,saxophone assign all to same midi channel(or different midi channels)
and when i play a chord it plays like real trio section…
let say C major chord: the trombone plays only the tonica C bass note, the sax plays only the E note,and the trumpet plays only G note.
when i play second inversion the bone plays E,sax G, and trumpet C… and so on with the inversions of the chords.
as opposite to play all chord notes by all instrument at once as it is not possible with real brass trio !!
(i need this for live playing and also in recording chords in one shot)
its also great for duet instrumental playing !
i know its a complex programming but i wonder if its possible with halion 5

haha that would be beautiful… but almost too good to be true, or maybe moving along the lines of too easy.

I think if you want this, you should have to go thru the rigors of programming it, and not have it given to us in any easy preset way… not that you’re asking for a shortcut.

I’ll bet it is possible, some of the HALion guys here are doing amazing programming in H5.